1. How long should I plan for?

*Each styling consult will be 60 min-1 hr. We are so excited for your session, and can’t wait to meet you! When you reserve your styling consult, you are committing to be there promptly on time. We ask that if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, or need to reschedule to a different time, that you please email to: no less than 48 hrs prior to your currently reserved slot.

*Your appointment will go as follows:

1-15 min: Meet & Edit

-Your personal stylist will be here to meet you when you arrive. After introductions, you and your stylist will go over what your expectations are of the consultation, the two of you will also go through any items that you brought with you for your consult. This is the time for you to ask any last minute questions, or bring up any issues or concerns.

-Based on our getting to know you and your preferences before your consult, our stylist will have pulled several looks for you. If you asked, we incorporated any pieces of your own and will have that noted on any corresponding looks. You will go through the looks and edit which you love and would like to try on!

16-50 min: Fashion Fun & More Edit

          -This is when you get to try on the looks your stylist has

put together specifically for you - using any pieces you

wanted to have incorporated! So fun!!

         -The two of  you will discuss each look, and decide which

rack to add the look to: “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” or “ON THE FENCE

or “DIDN’T QUITE WORK” From there you will

       edit further; trying on looks again if needed to make final


51-60 min: Wrap Up

-We wrap up any new looks we put together for you, ask for some quick feedback & maybe a quick picture or two, and send you on your way!


2.    Am I required to purchase anything at my free styling consult?

    *NO, you are not required to purchase anything at your FREE styling consult. Your 60 minute consult is completely free, no purchase necessary. We are more than happy to incorporate any pieces that you already own, or plan a consult put together entirely of pieces that you currently own. It’s up to you!

3.     How will my stylist know what styles/looks to pull for me?

    *Shortly after you reserve your free 1 hour styling consult, you will receive an email from your stylist. Your response to this email, & any corresponding follow-up emails, will provide your stylist with the information they need style the looks for your consult.

4.    Do I need to bring my own shoes?

    *YES, you will need to bring your own shoes. You and your stylist will figure shoes out together prior to you coming in for your consult!

5.     Questions?

    *For any other questions, please feel free to ask your stylist once you’ve reserved your consult slot. Or you can contact us at:

We can’t wait to have you!