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Hello EDYNKEI Readers!

We hope you all enjoyed stuffing your faces full of turkey and mashed potatoes this year for Thanksgiving! Now that, that’s over we can finally get to the best holiday of the year.. CHRISTMAS!!! For some people Christmas is the most stressful time of the year because well let’s be honest picking out the right presents is hard! Have no fear though, we’ve got you back!

Over here at EDYNKEI we have created the ultimate “mother of all” if you will gift guide! You don’t have to subtly drop you man some hints this year, maybe you just happen to forward him this post and he can shop right form here! Yes thats right boys and girls we have linked everything to this post so that you just have to click and add to cart!

Lets talk stocking stuffers first! My first year being married when I told my husband he was in charge of doing my stocking he looked like he had no clue what language I was speaking to him! He looked at me and said so what the heck am I supposed to put in it?! Lol I got a good laugh out of that but it got me thinking that maybe other boyfriends, husbands, significant others, etc. have no clue either what to put in them as well! Try putting in a beanie, some socks, a silk scarf (girls love these for their hair, etc.) jewelry, candy, lipgloss/lipstick, and gift cards! The cool thing about stockings is that they don’t have to be big gifts(cause they won’t fit in there) just something little and fun!

Now onto the big daddy.. actual presents. Now you guys I know that wrapping is intimidating but your babe appreciates the thought that went into it and the fact that you did it, not what it actually looks like! So with that being said lets talk about actual presents now!

So one thing that is very important is know the persons size you are shopping for!! There is nothing worse then getting a present for Christmas and not being able to wear it because its the wrong size! Especially because if you are on the ball and shop early and find the cutest thing ever, chances are if its the wrong size sand they just want to exchange it the company probably won’t have it anymore… So jot down tops, jeans, shoes, and dress sizes in the notes section of your phone so you don’t loose it!

Since December is freezing but only leading into colder months, buy your loved one something warm like a sweater or a coat/jacket. One thing I know to be true is girls do not like being cold! That’s why we invest in things like cardigans and coats, so we can layer the heck up!! If you want to score some huge points with your love, or win the best gift given of the year get your person a fur coat!! Fur is so in this year and finding one that is so cute and so warm is hard! Luckily for you right now at EDYNKEI we have 3 or 4 different options!

We hope that this gift guid helps you out with your shopping tasks this season! Whether it be for your sister, mother, aunt, girlfriend, or wife we have something for everyone here at EDYNKEI! If you have any questions about products please feel free to give us a call or send us an email (found on the contact page at the bottom of the home screen).

Happy Holidays everyone!



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