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Hopefully life is treating you well lately and your staying warm in this cold weather! We want to talk to you all about something thats taking over this seasons trends… CHENILLE!!! If you haven’t felt something that’s chenille you are missing out! Chenille is literally so silky soft, it’s like butter! Everytime someone comes into our store and touches it, I kid you not they take it home with them!! Ok so i’m going to try to explain the feeling of this on your skin as best I can so that you can get a good idea of what its like. Ok so, you are taking a long hot bath before bed and you just shaved your legs and lathered them up in your favorite lotion. You dry off change into your favorite little pj’s and jump into bed. You start rubbing you legs together because they are so extremely soft you cannot resist. The soft silky feeling is what chenille feels like. Lol sorry guys that’s the best explanation besides it feels like silk I could think of! Here at EDYNKEI we have a few different options of thing made of chenille!

So first off we have an array of different kinds of sweaters. We have the oversized boyfriend type of sweater, a scalloped hem sweater, av-neck regular length sweater, and a regular length and fit striped sweater. Our most popular of this season is our Striped Chenille Sweater that comes in Blush and Burgundy. We have restocked this sweater twice now, that’s how popular it has been. You could wear this sweater with skinny or boyfriend style jeans and a pair of booties to dress it up! With the oversized boyfriend style of sweater you could pair it with leggings and some over the knee boots. The one thing I would say to do is to not pair anything over sized with a boyfriend fit jean or anything else that is baggy as it will give you the appliance of looking more boxy.

Stripped Chenille Sweater in Burgundy

Stripped Chenille Sweater in Burgundy

Scalloped Hem Sweater in  Ivory    All available in  cinnamon ,  mustard ,  red , and  navy .

Scalloped Hem Sweater in Ivory

All available in cinnamon, mustard, red, and navy.

Jules Sweater in  Navy    Also comes in  Plum ,  Rose ,  Magenta ,  Grey ,  Blue ,  Ruby , and  Rust .

Jules Sweater in Navy

Also comes in Plum, Rose, Magenta, Grey, Blue, Ruby, and Rust.

The next option we have for chenille is cardigans! These cardigans are heaven sent!!! They are so warm and soft and perfect for layering with any item! This is one of those items that you should totally own in every color. The cardigan we have is a little longer in the back then in the front. So many people have give great reviews on this cardigan, and all of our employees love it too!

Chenille Cardigan in  Blush    Also available in  Wine  and  Cinnamon .

Chenille Cardigan in Blush

Also available in Wine and Cinnamon.

So as you can see we have some amazing options in chenille to choose from. There are so many different ways to dress these items up or down depending on where you are going and what kind of look you are going for. The beauty of fashion is that you can be whoever you want that day! You could be classic, trendy, hipster, or dressy and you can make any of those styles out of any of these pieces.

If you ever have a question about how to style one of our pieces please feel free to give us a call or come in to our store for a one on one styling session!

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