What Am I Supposed To Wear When It's So Dang Hot Outside?!?

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Ok so lets get to it already! If you are a local here in Utah you can attest to this brutal heat we have been experiencing lately! Lets just say peeling your legs from plastic chairs and leather seats season is here!! If you're anywhere else where it's blazing hot right now (like AZ) you totally know what I'm talking about! I was out watching my husband coach 7 on 7 football this past weekend, and I had the smart idea that I should check the weather before I left. Good thinking on my part since it was literally 93 degrees outside. I threw on a sundress and headed out the door. After 30 minutes of sitting in the sun I had not been sitting on wet grass, but I was sweating so bad! I looked around at some of the other poor women who had it way worse then I did! I'm not kidding when I say I saw people in black workout pants and a "lightweight" 3/4 length top... holy Hannah Montana that was an awful decision!! I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself when the lady next to me must have felt like she was on fire, literally. It got me wondering what really would be the best thing to wear on a hot day. 

I think the number one key to it is check your fabric! If it's something that is more durable and thicker, it probably isn't going to breath very well and make you sweat more. Also try to stay away from layering! If you wear something that is sheer and have to wear a cap sleeve top, or a tank top under that you probably are going to retain more heat.

One of the best dresses we have in our store that is great in warm weather is our Elis Polka Dot Dress . It's a wrap dress and made of lightweight material so it breaths easily! 

Ellis Polka Dot Wrap Dress

Ellis Polka Dot Wrap Dress

Another great option would be our Cancun Dress! Its lightweight fabric and loose fit makes it so you don't feel like you have something sticking to you, because lets be honest the most uncomfortable feeling is that. It has a ruffled over sleeve too for maximum comfort. This dress comes in 3 different colors as well! 


Ok so here is my next thought and if you don't agree with me I totally get that, but a jumpsuit would be your next best bet! There are so many ones out there now that are good quality and thin. One of my favorites that we have is our  Polka Dot Picnic Jumpsuit. It's made of a thinner material but is lined in the legs so that it's not see-through. 

Polka Dot Picnic Jumpsuit in Mauve

Polka Dot Picnic Jumpsuit in Mauve

Here are three more adorable jumpsuit options we currently have online! 


My Kind Of Stripes Jumpsuit

My Kind Of Stripes Jumpsuit

So really there are a lot of options between getting some linen pants, wearing a skirt and a lightweight top, sundresses , and of course jumpsuits! Just remember to check what kind of fabric is the best and go for lighter colors rather than dark especially if you are going to be sitting out in the sun! 


Well that's all for today! We hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post! 




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