Dress Me In Dresses

Hey Everyone! 

We missed your gorgeous faces while you were gone. I don't know about you but summertime can get brutally hot around here and there is no way jeans and a tee are going to cut it. The best thing I have found to keep me cool but still keep me looking classy and professional for work or super cute doing day to day things are dresses. They provide the perfect amount of breathability so you stay cool on those extra hot summer days. If you are like me and like dressing up and being a little extra you could wear something like our Only Romance Dress. It is a high-low cut dress with buttons down the front, ruffle details and a floral print. Its perfect for someone who loves to dress up or for an event you are going too. 

If you are looking for something that is more casual and comfortable, we have plenty of options for you! The thing I think that I love the most about dresses is that you can totally make them whatever you want and they are appropriate to wear to any occasion. Well maybe not hiking but you get where I'm coming from. Plus lets be honest nothing is better than when you find out your already favorite dress has pockets!!! Two of my current favorite dresses we have here at EDYNKEI are the Billie Jean Dress and the Sunshine Girl Dress! If I'm being honest I pretty much love all the dress here but these are on the top of the list. The billie Jean dress is a soft denim dress with a tie around waist and the fact that it is plain is why it is at the top of my list. We all know denim looks good with anything! You can pair any color of shoes and handbag or even a silk scarf with this dress and it will look great. It is super versatile and could be made dressy or casual! The Sunshine Girl dress is a light yellow dress with contrasting blue floral print on it and is also a wrap dress which is amazing because that means it has adjustable sizing. The color alone is gorgeous for spring and really shows of your summer tan.  

And then of course we have your ever so fabulous basic dresses. These are perfect if you are looking for a dress that is comfortable and a solid color. The material is soft as butter and this dress has.... wait for it..... pockets!! if you have a day full of errands or want something simple to go to church in, this is perfect. The dress we have in this style at EDYNKEI is the Flirty Ruffle Dress and darling don't worry we have them in plenty of different colors. 


Last  but definitely not least we have the show stopper. This dress is one of those where you get stopped a million times at someones wedding with the phrase "wow I love your dress, where did you get it from" used by every single person. This could be an elegant ball gown, extravagantly beaded and sparkling cocktail dress, or just a romantic little number you found at some online boutique. At EDYNKEI it's the romantic little number and she goes by the name The Juliet Dress. This dress is the day dream you have of you in the French countryside picnicking with the hot European man in the Italian shoes and has the perfect amount of scruff feeding you grapes. 

The Juliet Dress

The Juliet Dress

No matter if you are bold, a hopeless romantic, or a business women looking to keep is classy you will find everything you need at EDYNKEI. We can't wait to see how you style our dresses we pick them with you in mind! Tag us in your posts @shopedynkei or use hashtag #shopedynkei so we can follow along on your dress journey. 



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