Casual Is Everything

Hey EDYNKEI readers!

Welcome back for this weeks blog post! Do you ever feel like all you want to do is wear a t-shirt and jeans but don't want to be too laid back or feel sloppy? Well I have some good news for you! These days its so easy to be causal but feel like a million bucks! Casually really is everything these days! 

My go to casual outfit is a good pair of jeans and a teeshirt tucked in with a statement belt.You could dress this down and keep an ultra casual feel with some slide ons or you could make it a little dressier by wearing some wedges or booties. Another outfit you could do on a casual day is a comfy top and some jeans. Peg the legs of the jeans or cuff them for the cropped feel. Another option for casual and comfortable I would highly recommend looking into would be a T-Shirt dress and pair it with some of your favorite tennis shoes. Like Adidas or casual wear Nikes. Trust me you would be surprised how cute of an outfit this is! 

Here is some casual wear we currently have in our store that are definitely worth getting! 



The Everly Top (pictured above) is an example of a cute blouse you could make totally casual! Pair it with some back leggings and sandals. 

Graphic tees are the perfect thing to wear if you want to keep it casual! These days people have found ways to dress up a graphic which is so cute, but this is my go to when I'm just having a chill day! 

A soft pair of pants that are comfortable and cute are hard to come by! These linen pants are great for lounging around and for going out! 

The Desiree Linen Pants in Khaki

The Desiree Linen Pants in Khaki

Surprise surprise another comfy tee! Like I said it before and I will say it again, tee's are for casual days. Wear them with jeans, shorts, sweats, literally whatever! 

This top is seriously perfect because it is made of the SOFTEST material! The tie in the front adds the perfect detail but doesn't make it too dressed up! 

Thanks for reading this week babes! We hope you enjoyed this weeks little bit of fashion! 



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