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We are heading into the long cold months here in Utah and lets be honest, dressing the fall is the best but the winter…not so much! We go from wearing light jackets with turtlenecks, distressed jeans, and some adorable booties to looking like a marshmallow. So how do we keep our cute style going even when we are freezing our bums off? Well lucky for you here at EDYNKEI we have plenty of layering options and how to’s! If you would like to watch a video on some of the things we have head over to @shopedynkei on Instagram and look at our highlight “Styling”.

Ok so lets start talking about layering! You can always layer a top and cardigan under a coat! When you go inside in the winter usually the heaters on and you take your coat off but that doesn’t mean that you will be warm and thats where layering with a cardigan comes in handy! We have so many cute cardigans here right now, all are different styles, lengths, fabrics, and colors making the possibilities endless.

Chenille Cardigan in Cinnamon   Also available in  Wine , and  Blush .

Ok so we covered cardigans and now we are going to move on to blazers, trenches, and jackets! Blazers are back and better than ever! This is a super hot trend right now and we love it! Blazers are so fun because they can dress up a casual outfit like a long sleeve basic top, high-waisted jeans and some booties. or make an already dressy outfit a classic. Blazers are also perfect for the work place! Trenches are great for layering under a coat because they usually are thin enough to fit under a coat! They are great for date night with you Significant Other or your girlfriends! Trenches are feminine and go great with simple jewelry! Jackets are some of my favorite things because there are so many different styles and types! Leather jackets are one that never seems to go out of style and you can pair with pretty much anything! Try pairing it with an oversized sweater, leggings and some knee high boots!

Here are some options of blazers, trenches and jackets we currently have available at EDYNKEI!

So as you can see we have some amazing options for layering to make your dreary winter into a second fall ;) We hope you find something that you love! If you want to see how it fits come on into our store and shop!

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